I want to say thanks to all that helped us with the 6th Annual Veteran & Wounded Warrior Freedom Boat Bass Tournament, Wohali for the fishing poles, and Ms Muskogee Ms Chelsea Clark and to many more to list.now the results of the tournament we had 43 boats out of those boats we had 40 veterans and 8 1st responders great turn out. Total lbs of fish cought was 398.54 lbs. Now positions
1st Archie Wilhelm & Cody Davis 20.26 lbs,-
2nd Brett Brummett & John Thomas 19.63 lbs,
3rd Sam Byrd & Dillion Towie 19.33 lbs,
4th Ryan Wilbanks & Bryce Kindell 18.72 lbs,
5th Jeff Jacobson & Garrett Jacobson 17.81 lbs,
6th Tara Brummett & Eli Brummett 17.73 lbs,
7th Chris Holmes & Tatum Holmes 17.27 lbs,
8th Benny Scott & Tracy Napier 16.70 lbs,
9th Robert Merz & Jeff Warner 16.53 lbs,
10th Justin Catcher & Luke Catcher 16.33 lbs,
11th Damon Rogers & Jenny Kehler 15.66 lbs,
12th Rocky Thomas Jr & Joe Parker 15.17 lbs,
13th Jimmy Majors & Daniel Gaung 15.14 lbs,
14th Charles Wheeler & Robert Garrett 14.23 lbs,
15th Brad Lankford & Branden Lankford 13.99 lbs,
16th Cody Metzger & Stetson Overton 13.01 lbs,
17th Malcom Lour & Brad Satterfield 12.24 lbs,
18th Michael Campbell & Matt Hudson 12.22 lbs,
19th David Templeton & Bill Creager 11.58 lbs,
20th Justin Newwll & Bryan Gant 10.08 lbs,
21st Austin Goodson & Louis Azbell 9.72 lbs,
22nd Jim Fritch & Mike Chambers 8.98 lbs,
23rd Chad Wwomack & Joe Strain 8.96 lbs,
24th Jack Condon & John Bell 8.51 lbs,
25th Jeff Matlock & Tony Helford 7.99 lbs,
26th Jacob Girty & Travis Duke 7.92 lbs,
27th Brain Sterling & Daniel Havellana 7.21 lbs
28th Terry Griffin & Tim Hanson 6.45 lbs
29th Neal Pilkington & Steve Wilson 5.39 lbs
30th Matt Steel & Jacob Stilwell 5 lbs,
31st Wayne Brunson & David Brunson 4.91 lbs,
32nd Jay Stamps & David Richardson 3.87 lbs,
now the rest didn’t turn any fish in
33rd Rick Hicks & Jerry Watson,
34th Tony Wocinish & Gary Houser.
35th Gary Haag & Camern Higgins,
36th Josh Haggard & Robert Harbuck,
37th Ken Cardoza & Dale Milliser,
38th Kenneth Mason & Richard Thousant,
39th Jim Forrest Sr & Jim Forrest Jr & Christina Forrest,
40th Glen Smith & Lance Smith,
41st Jeff Pratt & Chad Clark,
42nd Don Durossette & Destini Durossette,
43rd Rodney Mathis & Matt Mathis.
If you have questions call me ED at 918 406-5100 again thanks to all who helped and fished.